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Dragons would be so cool. Imagine it's time to head in to work, so you hop on your dragon, take off into the sky, and ride them to work or wherever you want to go. I also want to make one of those huge sandworms from dune and ride it around with my friends in the desert. Having wings on your back and being able to fly yourself would be awesome too.

Whatever direction biotech moves in in the future, I just hope it's cool, and preferably involves giant ridable monster friends and/or flight.

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Hi Jo,

I really like your articles. They provoke great thought exercises and philosophical discussions amongst my group of friends.

We need more people like you bringing these topics to the forefront of society so we can allow everyone to see the benefits to decentralized science.

You rock,


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A love potion that works, a smart pill like the Unlimited movie, something that makes you super likable, stronger (like steroids, myostatin, and captain America's supersoldier serum), any kind of super powers would sell ....something that cures your dna (who wouldn't want that).... electric eel cells so you could taser someone with your bare hands or power up you cell phone... invisability... flying might be possible under lower gravity... biological sending and receiving radio or modulated light or sound could be a cool built in way to talk to others with the add-on or to your AI.... I like that one.

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Totally with you about the pet dragon!

I think a key part that you have already figured out is to get the technology into as many [young] hands as possible. The generation of people who built things like iPhone were able to accelerate their understanding of tech because they could code on commodore 64s in their basement and hack payphones as kids. Getting kids to be comfortable with these technologies at an early age ensures a longer runway of time for them to think of your proposed biological iPhone. :)

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Maybe it's a plant that will grow you a list of drugs in its fruit depending on the stimulus you give it.

(colors of lasers you shine on it or something)

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I'd love birch or aspen trees bio engineered to have japanese maple like leaves that turn yellow in the fall.

Bio engineered pets would def be a highlight tho...

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While Ozempic brings 20B compare to 200 of Iphone, you don't need a new Ozempic every year to keep selling same drug over and over, so the financials are a little different.

All the ideas for pets and such are super cool, but Iooking at what sells on the periphery of biology, its supplements and treatments for longevity and cosmetics, I suspect we will see the breakthrough product comes from that direction.

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As a designer who is trying to expand my current knowledges into multiple fields like urban gardening, synthetic biology, doing material experiments at a lab and even just walking outside away from the devices is truly sparking something in me, lots of micro-interactions within our currently living space that we just dont know much about and seemingly people are more inclined to delved into digital world... but that has to do with education aka resources as well, that somehow a creative individual have to gather all the resources they can to create something without a generous support. And sometimes it is hard to overcome noises and stand out to be certain about your design practice.

But again, I really appreciate someone like you who is intelligent and also brave enough to share all the works and your thoughts, and theodin is truly inspiring as well.

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Hi. You probably don't know me but I know you. You're probably not surprised by that, haha.

I've been silently lurk-following you for a while. I don't agree with everything you do or you say. Most of your blog posts that come in my inbox I delete. But this one is fantastic. The points you make are spot-on and should really incite discussion. I don't fully agree with everything you say but I fully thank you for this fantastic piece. I'll share it. Felt compelled to leave a comment.

Almost makes me want to be a paid subscriber. ;)

- Yoshi


> Even drugs like ozempic that everyone and their lesbian aunt can get ahold of these days has revenue weaker than a second generation Four Loko


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