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"Eventually, every person will be let down by the abilities of governments to get us the medical treatments we need."

Active interference by the corporatocracy is causing the failure of the healthcare system to provide.

I gene-uinely believe that most people go into medicine with a desire to help others. But mostly they end up not being able to help more than with simple inexpensive treatments, and that is mostly by prescriptions.

I had a neighbor with pancreatic cancer. He didn't know this and kept going back to get help. Nobody could really help with this because the insurance couldn't cover the expensive tests until he went through so many tests (from least expensive up) till, after many tests, the insurance finally relented to pay for the more expensive ones...fast forward 4 years... and then they told him he has about 2 months to live.

Something could have been done if the doctors had been able to do their job .. "Hey man, your eyes and skin are yellow and it hurts when you eat fatty food... let's get you tested for pancreatic issues." This is not possible in our present system.

It's a pitiful system based 100% on the greed of corporate interests.

I'm going to go work on making some "magic" kombucha. (and give the recipe to the public)

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Thank you for the positive and hopeful message!

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