Biohacking to Change My Gender

I had been experimenting with biocompatible polymers for around a year in 2020. I was interested in both short-term temporary body modification using injectables and longer term. See, there is not alot of information out there on this even though we know of sooo many biocompatible polymers because pharma companies want to charge $500 for 1cc/mL of some custom compound. People are willing to pay anything to like the way they look. Me, I was just willing to try anything. Usually, I would make a new recipe, inject a little under the skin in my forearm and monitor it for a few days and then try a larger volume. Really, my main goal in doing this stuff was to subvert the cosmetic medical enhancement industry. What if I could figure out how to have breasts for 48 hours. Or maybe something more permanent. Someone could completely change their appearance and then it would go away. That would be pretty cool. There are countries where injectables for breast enhancement are common and even some cosmetic doctors in the US do saline breast injections that go away in a day. I already tried the saline though. It lasts much less than a day and requires serious volumes. It was interesting but not interesting enough. This time I planned to try polyethylene glycol. I'ma be honest, my curiosity got the best of me and so that day I decided to skip the forearm test and just inject a small amount of a highly concentrated solution straight into my chest. After 30 minutes I could swear it felt like something strange was going on. Was my chest getting bigger? Another, 30 minutes pass and fuck, my chest was definitely getting bigger. It kept growing and growing and growing. From what I could surmise, the polyethylene glycol was so concentrated that it started to absorb water and expand. It was funny and cute. I couldn't help but laugh that I now had size C breasts and had no idea for how long. (It went away in 12 hours or so) How am I supposed to explain this to my partner? Another crazy biohacker experiment I guess? The thing is it wasn't just that. I was doing these experiments for more than just some sense of greater good. I was doing it for myself, I wanted breasts. I figured it was time I stopped hiding that, I really couldn't at that point. Ya' know the boobs and all. So I came out to my then partner. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life.

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