I got your back Jo.

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Nov 20, 2022Liked by Jo Zayner, PhD

Honestly. Hate begets haters... Haters? well they are too busy filling themselves with hatefulness to be able to think...

They aren't thinking. Just repeating stuff that fills them with their favorite feeling...hate.

We all kind of realize that hateful thoughts swell the brain with hate... people get addicted to this.

I try to think of those hateful people like crackheads... they are pitiful... .and they are hobbled by their hate. Useless pockmarks on civil behavior.. like a blown bombshell.

It's really unfortunate that they cause so many stupid issues in the world by following through on their hate.

If anyone gives a shit about if I/you/they are male of female or somewhere in between...

I say to them ~ "Fuck you!.. get out of my biology! It's not anyone's business."

Jo, I cant think of anything to say about this except... Thank you for your contributions...

YOU are useful to the advancement civilization and de-gentrification of society...

Fuck a bunch of crack heads... just fuck em'.

I know that doesn't change their behavior toward others... but if it was not gender, they would find something else to fill that hole they call a soul.

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I really love reading your writings because my brain is so comforted to read something that flows similar to how my thoughts flow. Not sure of all the ingredients needed for that occur but it surely doesn't happen often.

The part where you say "every single day a trans person lives their life, they go out into the world facing down the stares, judgement and sometimes hateful actions of others" is so incredibly valid. It is a truth trans persons face every day of their lives that most of population will never care to understand; some actively shun the development of this empathy.

Just want you to know I'm another person in your corner, rooting for you, and genuinely grateful for the things that you create.

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Nov 22, 2022Liked by Jo Zayner, PhD

Proud of you! You have been a inspiration of mine and I am so happy to see you finding yourself.

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I love you and I’m sorry people are ignorant and hateful. I have your back anywhere- I know people all over the world who will help if you ever need. I mean this. I’m so sorry anyone ever hurts you. You add like my daughter- extremely sensitive and highly intelligent. People like you are very special to all of humanity and I am terribly sorry they don’t understand yet.

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Protecting women's rights is not "transphobic." Save that word for actual hate based on trans status.

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Thing is: to me, a trans woman is a man who thinks they are a woman. I just naturally think very analytically and "logically".

I've talked to friends and family and a lot of them do seem to think that a trans woman IS a woman. But I don't and, even with all good-will, I cannot change what my brain thinks when I see or interact with a trans woman - even though I want to.

I consider myself a decent human and still use the preferred gender of a person. Makes me feel a bit weird doing it (e.g. I say it's a "her" but I do not actually think it's a "her") and it pretty much means I'm always lying to both myself and the person I'm gendering. I do it nonetheless because I do not want the transgender person to feel bad in their body, and out of respect.

Now I do still think "lying" is immoral and dishonest as well. Thus I think it would be immoral to "force" other people who think like me to "lie" = to use the person's preferred gender - but exactly that is happening. Not doing it could be rude and hurtful towards the transgender person, though. See the moral dilemma?

What do you think about that? Do you understand where I'm coming from, and how do you suggest I (or people who think like me) should handle it

A) internally and

B) externally?

Hope you don't take it negatively! Just trying to be open with my feelings towards it and find a solution with which I feel good about. But currently it's kinda conflicting. And pretty much impossible to talk about it, as any discussion I've tried to have so far resulted in people hating on me, calling me transphobic etc etc, even though I'm just trying to be open about what's going on in my head. Am not the kind of person who gives in to social pressure out of fear of being cancelled - quite the contrary. I need "peace" in my thinking & belief in order to truly "change", if I need to.

As for bathroom and sports: I haven't researched into that enough to form an opinion on it, personally. I do think there are concerns and valid points on both sides of this which you should be able to talk about respectfully, without calling one side bigots or transphobes. The word "transphobic" seems to just really be over-used in a lot of scenarios, which just creates more hate instead of creating discussion which would actually help people (like me) come in terms with the whole thematic.

As for transitioning: you should be able to do whatever you want with your body without having to be judged for it - clear opinion on that.

Would love to hear your thoughts especially on the gendering thematic in the first paragraphs, especially as you're a person I respect!

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Good one Jo. Maybe the world's not ready, but I would love to see you do a Joe Rogan interview.

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Everyone belongs! What is not to love about you: smart, dedicated, helpful, resourceful, honest, brave, passionate, daring, scientific, committed, caring, future-thinking…….

(and of course that is not everything!)❤️❤️

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So sorry about this. You remind me so much of a friend of mine: just like you she was special. And, she was not only a genius but ferociously driven and bursting with amazing ideas.

I wish people could distinguish between grown adults like you who truly are different and others who are taking advantage of your situation and giving you folks a bad name (I know they exist bc I know some of them.)

Please make sure to take good care of yourself and keep focusing on the ingenious biohacking work you are doing! My family finds you so inspiring!

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